Michael Douglas’ Son Cameron is a Nerd Drug Dealer


Oh my did I have a good laugh when I saw that Michael Douglas’ son Cameron Douglas was arrested for dealing meth out of his New York City hotel room. Especially when I saw a picture of what Cameron Douglas looks like. He has got to be the biggest nerd drug dealer in history.

Honestly look at this dweeb. I can just tell from his weak chin and hipster nerd glasses that he is a self-entitled spoiled little punk. His family has millions and millions of dollars yet this genius decides he wants to be cool and tries to deal meth. Now he is going to federal prison and I can not stop giggling about it.

I bet Michael Douglas is secretly relieved. His kids with Catherine Zeta Jones are probably much cooler and better looking. He must have been pretty embarrassed of having a son like Cameron running around. At least now his embarrassment will be confined to Rikers Island.