Megan Fox Photographed Having Sex

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Megan Fox continues her attempt to return to the spotlight by being photographed naked and having sex in the intimate picture above.

Unfortunately for Megan Fox she is going to have to try a lot harder than this if she wants to regain her status as the infidel world’s top sex symbol. For the depraved appetites of the kuffar masses have only intensified over the years, and now simply seeing Megan completely naked while riding some tiny penis with a sultry look on her face just isn’t going to cut it.

Perhaps for her next photo shoot Megan Fox can try getting reamed in all of her sin holes at once by a collection of multiracial transgender illegal immigrants, as this would be more in line with the current tastes of the heathen public (especially in California). However, that might backfire as it could come off as “cultural appropriation”, for it is what Jewy leftist mudwhales like Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham do a nightly basis.