McKayla Maroney Hard Nipple Pokies

mckayla-maroney, celeb-jihad

Gold medal winning US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney announced her retirement from competitive gymnastics earlier this week, and then announced her triumphant entrance into the world of full time social media whoring with the hard nipple pokies selfie above.

McKayla Maroney is much better suited to be a social media slut then she ever was to be gymnast, for she has both the degenerate temperament and the tight nubile frame necessary to really capture the attention of the depraved online infidel masses.

Of course prostituting her flesh on Instagram and Snapchat is a far more profitable profession then gymnastics, but unfortunately for McKayla it is also a much more competitive one. In fact, McKayla’s slight see through nipple display in this photo would only earn her a score of maybe 6 or 6.5. Certainly not enough to get her on any podiums, or win her any lucrative endorsement deals pushing discount Chinese miracle diuretics.

mckayla-maroney, celeb-jihad

However, if McKayla would have applied an X-ray filter like in the photo above she may have increased her score to a solid 7, and maybe got a few phone calls from advertisers. Clearly she still has a lot to learn about her new field.