Maisie Williams Sex Tape Clip Leaked

“Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams appears to have just had a couple of preview clips from her various sex tapes leaked online in the video above.

Of course it is easy for us to believe that this is in fact Maisie Williams in this sex tape, for her penchant for debauchery is well established as you can see in the brazen nude photo below of her squatting down to take a dump on a rock.

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Unfortunately Maisie never seems to think about the consequences to her depraved actions, for just as her excrement will surely pollute this water source poisoning it for a thousand years, the sight of her getting her sin holes slammed in this sex tape has had the same effect on our pious Muslim eyes.

While Maisie may enjoy pretending that her eyes are “little vaginas” during kinky dirty talk, us Muslims like to keep our mind clean and pure by focusing our eyes on the rump of the donkey, camel, or wife that is pulling our cart to market. Thus Maisie’s defiling of our vision with this egregious sex tape ocular assault is justifiably answered with extreme violence against all infidels in the West.