Mainstream Media Attacks Celeb Jihad Over Kate Upton Pics

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Over the last few days the Zionist controlled mainstream media has viciously attacked and slandered this holy Islamic extremist celebrity gossip website, over our righteous posting of Kate Upton’s nude pictures.

As you can see in the video below, Mossad agents from Fox News, TMZ, and E! took turns bashing us on TV in defense of the bloated blonde bimbo Kate Upton.

Instead of praising us for our journalistic integrity in bringing Kate’s horrendously slutty ways to light, these talking heads condemn us by calling our news “fake” and referring to Celeb Jihad as a “joke website”.

Celeb Jihad is no more “fake” then any other celebrity news outlet. In fact, because we are courageous enough to report original stories instead of just regurgitating BS Hollywood press releases (like nearly everyone else) the “joke” is really on people who get their celebrity news from anywhere else.