Maggie Gyllenhaal Gets Her Face Cummed On In “The Deuce”

Academy Award-nominated actress Maggie Gyllenhaal gets her face cummed on in the graphic sex scene above from the HBO series “The Deuce”.

This is what heathen Hollywood has finally sunk to in their never-ending race to the bottom peddling depravity. An award winning actress like Maggie Gyllenhaal getting cum shot all over her sad melting turtle face while “acting” like she is a degenerate porn star on a mainstream cable TV series.

What is next are we going to see Glenn Close doing anal? Or perhaps Meryl Streep getting fisted? For there is certainly no limit to the base imagination of the Zionists who control the entertainment industry, and so long as they can make shekels selling this sort of filth to the infidel masses than it will only continue to get worse. Let us just pray to Allah that Islam can finish conquering the West before they make a show in which Anjelica Huston gets peed on.