Lola Naymark Nude Scenes From “Ariane’s Thread”

The video above features saucy French redheaded minx Lola Naymark’s fully nude scenes from the film “Ariane’s Thread”.

“Ariane’s Thread” is the age old story of a young infidel girl who throws a fit when no one comes to her birthday party, and so she runs off to the big city to get her sin holes gang banged. Of course in real life French girls like this are quickly culturally enriched my Muslim gangs, and then whisked off to the civilized Islamic world to live the exciting and deeply rewarding life of a sex slave.

However, in this film it doesn’t appear as though Lola gets her happily ever after by being stuck in a shipping container destined for the Gulf states. Instead she only catches the eye of some leering French pervert, who beats off his tiny man meat while watching Lola sun herself naked on the beach.