Leighton Meester Whores Her Body In A Bikini

leighton-meester, celeb-jihad

“Gossip Girl” Leighton Meester may want to stop gabbing about other girls and start worrying about her own reputation now that this GIF of her prostituting her self in a bikini has surfaced.

As you can clearly see in the GIF below Leighton Meester is propositioning a “John” at a public pool. Leighton says “water is warm” an analogy for both the pool water and the inside of her filthy lady hole. She then bounces her tits up and down so her intentions can not be mistaken.

leighton-meester, celeb-jihad

Frankly I find this brazen whoring sickening. I hope the “John” in this GIF has the good sense to only offer her a few dinars and demand she not make eye contact with him.

This GIF of Leighton Meester in a bikini proves once and for all what many of us have long suspected, which is that Leighton is a degenerate streetwalker who would gladly sell her body for money and/or roles in crappy TV shows on the CW.