Kylie Jenner’s Latest Slutty Snapchat Videos

The video above is a compilation of all of Kylie Jenner’s most recent slutty Snapchats.

With Kyle Jenner set to turn 18-years-old in a month, her Snapchats will no doubt soon become a series of hardcore videos of her being gang banged by the local chapter of the Bloods street gang while mama-san Kris shouts “harder“, “faster“, and “finish on that whore’s face” from behind the camera.

So lets us take a moment and enjoy the relative innocence of these Snapchats were Kylie is simply prostituting her teenage busty breasts, smooth stomach, and nibbling on black phallus pastries. For in the infidel West girls like Kylie Jenner tend to grow up fast, and by that I mean that they get their bodies ruined when they contract syphilis, get knocked up with bastard nig nog babies, and become morbidly obese welfare succubuses.