Kristen Stewart In Her Panties With A UTI

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Kristen Stewart walks from the kitchen in her tight little panties after getting a cranberry juice for her urinary tract infection in the GIF above.

Of course it should come as no surprise that Kristen Stewart is waltzing around in her panties with a UTI, as the two things are almost certainly related. According to the latest findings by Muslim doctors in Tehran, UTI’s occur in women when djinns get into the lady hole after sex with blacks, Jews, lesbians, Mexicans, Calvinists, and various other degenerates prevalent in the infidel West.

Since Kristen Stewart brazenly parades her sinful body in panties like this she is almost certainly having sex with all of these heathen creatures which puts her at an extremely high risk of developing a UTI. Luckily for Kristen the UTI djinns love cranberry juice, and she can draw them out by inserting the bottle of this bittersweet elixir up her snatch.