Kristen Bell Poses For A Nude Photo

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Mouse faced liberal whore Kristen Bell has made a living off of starring in romantic comedies because she is just unattractive enough that women do not find her threatening. However, now Kristen is putting her asexual status in jeopardy by posing nude in the photo above.

No doubt Kristen Bell is naked in this photo to promote one of her idiotic liberal causes like citizenship for transsexual illegal immigrants, or the even more moronic “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

Come to think of it, this Kristen Bell nude is almost certainly related to Black Lives Matters, as it comes right on the heels of the anniversary of the justified shooting death of giant nig nog Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. I have to admit that Kristen is certainly doing an effective job of protecting black lives with this pic, because after looking at it the only people I want to kill are stupid privileged liberal white girls obsessed with associating themselves with the bullshit victimhood of minorities.