Kim Kardashian’s Big Ass Microcosm Of What Is Wrong With The USA

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Look at this picture of Kim Kardashian’s big ass in a white bikini. Any number of soccer mom’s in America have wider and fatter asses than this, yet Kim Kardashian’s is continually revered by the brainwashed masses.

By any objective aesthetic Kim Kardashian is not an attractive woman. She has a horse face, she has to constantly wear a corset or push-up bra to keep her saggy boobs from hitting the floor, and her doughy pear shaped lower body is so common in the States that even I, a humble Jihadist goat herder from Afghanistan, could easily go to a bar and pick up a woman with an equally ample backside.

Not only is she physically ugly, but she is also ugly on the inside. Her father was a lawyer, if that isn’t bad enough he made his name (and a good deal of his fortune) getting a guilty man (OJ Simpson) off for murder. Her mother is a gold digging Playboy whore. Not exactly what I would call a noble lineage. Kim for her part gained fame for having a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend released to the public. Last time I checked someone who got famous for f*cking on tape was a porn star.

So lets summarize were we are at. Kim Kardashian is a porn star daughter of a gold digging porn model and a lawyer. She spends her days shopping and applying makeup with a shotgun to cover her ugly horse face. Then she promotes both diet pills and fast food to the brain dead Americans who are probably dumb enough to go out and buy both. In any healthy society she would have been scorned, stoned, and forgotten about a long time ago.