Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures May Have Been Faked

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Kim Kardashian made headlines yesterday with these candid pictures of her in a bikini lounging on a yacht. However, is there more to these pictures than meets the eye?

After careful examination of these photos of Kim Kardashian in her bikini I have determined that they were staged and may in fact be fakes. First, though they appear to be candid photos of Kim I can tell that, unless the photographer is a ninja, Kim knew he was there taking pictures of her. Paparazzi are conditioned to shout obscene questions at anyone remotely famous who is within 100 yards of them. Kim Kardashian must have known he was there when he started shouting “Kim! Kim! Did you let Reggie put it in your butt after the Super Bowl?”, yet she pretends in these pictures to be unaware she is being photographed.

So now that we have established that these photos were at the very least staged, I’d like to propose that they were out right faked. As everyone has heard by now Kim Kardashian has a relentless blood lust for animal cruelty. I hardly think she’d spend her time lazily tanning on some yacht. No these pics are obviously photoshopped because she was really on a whaling vessel. Kim was probably out hunting whales for sport and/or their delicious pancreases. This woman is sick!


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