Kerri Russell’s Naked Butt On ‘The Americans’ Video

Keri Russell shows off her bare ass in the video above from last night’s episode of the hit FX series “The Americans”.

On the show Keri plays a Russian spy who is sent to live in America, and spread venereal diseases to mid-level Washington D.C. bureaucrats. Of course this is the role that Keri Russell was born to play, for she is clearly a diehard Communist as she appears to believe that her sex organs belong to the community and everyone should have access to them.

Yes Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin would all be proud to call Keri Russell a comrade, and not just because she’d gladly take them all on at the same time with her eager “red” orifices. Thank Allah us Muslims destroyed the depraved Soviet system when we kicked their bolshevik butts in Afghanistan back in the 1980’s.