Keanu Reeves Eats A Bird


Actor Keanu Reeves, who is best known for is role as Siddhartha in the 1993 hit movie “Little Buddha” was photographed eating a sandwich on a bench outside the homeless shelter in which he reportedly now resides.

After Keanu finishes his measly meal he appears to be dissatisfied as he stares listlessly at the ground. He then notices a small bird happening by, which he lures towards him using the leftover crumbs from his sandwich. Keanu Reeves then appears to eat the bird whole.

Keanu Reeves eating a bird for sustenance is not surprising considering that the actor has fallen on such hard times. Keanu had invested heavily in the sub prime mortgage market, so when the housing crisis hit he lost big. Reeves tried to regain his loses by investing in a safe commodity namely, Gulf shrimp, only to see his investment get wiped out by the BP oil spill.

Now Keanu Reeves is left sitting on a bench eating birds and staring off into space contemplating what could have been. I can’t help but feel the government should step in and help bail Keanu Reeves out.