Katy Perry Sets A Boobie Trap

katy-perry, celeb-jihad

Pop star Katy Perry is on the prowl for a new man to suck the life out of, after recently being dumped by her husband Russell Brand.

As you can see in the photo above, Katy Perry is relying on the infidel whore trick known as the “boobie trap” to ensnare her next man. Thankfully, through the glorious teachings of Allah, us Muslim men have developed an immunity to boobie traps, as we find a woman’s sinful busty bosom revolting.

Yes Katy Perry will never be able to land a Muslim man with her tits hanging out like this, and she will have to settle for yet another effeminate kuffar. Unfortunately, much like Russel Brand, he will fail to properly train Katy Perry, and we will be further subjected to her unholy music and disgusting feminine body.