Katy Perry Naked With Her Legs Spread Open

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Katy Perry gets naked and spreads her legs wide open in the nauseating photo above.

After seeing this Katy Perry naked photo I had to close my computer, as the smell of dirty diapers stuffed with Indian food and burnt hair coming from my monitor was overwhelming. I then had to nozzle my face in between my camel’s humps to reset my nasal palette and drive out the most ungodly smell of Katy’s digital stank puss.

If just looking at a photo of Katy Perry airing out her sin hole is this physically revolting, then one shudders to think what sort of damage Katy’s rancid cock box could do in person. Clearly Katy has a weapon of mass destruction nestled between her legs, and some sort of UN resolution should be immediately drafted to keep it from ever being released again. The Western world has no moral authority to demand that Iran not acquire nuclear weapons, when whores like Katy Perry are allowed to wield their (far more destructive) heinous cooters with impunity.