Katy Perry Naked And Playing With Herself

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Katy Perry poses completely naked while playing with herself in the disturbing photo above.

One can only imagine what kind of perverse fantasies are playing in Katy’s mind as the tops of her bulbous breasts stand erect and she slowly rubs back and forth on her rapidly moistening slit, while the tips of her fingers gently caress her sin bean.

However, it would be a safe bet to assume that like most infidel females Katy Perry is fantasizing about being righteously plowed by a virile Muslim Jihadist. For not only is our raw masculine sex appeal undeniable, but add to that our bad boy image and one can see why women like Katy find us so irresistible. In the infidel West much fun is made of the idea that martyrs receive 72 virgins when they reach paradise, but really it is not such a big deal to us Muslims as deflowering 72 women is just an average week in our life.