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Katy Perry In A Bikini Top While Hiking With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry shows off her milky white mammaries and pudgy midsection while wearing a pink bikini top and hiking in the jungle with actor Orlando Bloom.

Katy certainly seems to have a weakness for foppish closeted homoqueer English men, for she married Russell Brand and is now dating Orlando Bloom. If Katy keeps this up not only is she going get more AIDS, but she is going to completely wear out her strap-on from pegging these limey britfags in their prissy fannies.

Yes Katy Perry must think it is completely normal and erotic for her men to want role play that they are the dainty slut Princess Diana during sex, but it is sinful and haram… Unless of course they are in a car speeding through a Paris tunnel… then it is perfectly fine. However, until that glorious day comes Katy Perry should keep both her sloppy titties and her effeminate crumpet-sucker lovers hidden away.