Katy Perry Bent Over Praying In Her Panties

katy-perry, celeb-jihad

It appears as though Allah has performed yet another miracle, and pop star Katy Perry has forsaken her wicked ways and converted to the one true faith of Islam!

As you can see in the GIF above, Katy Perry is so overcome by the holy spirit of the blessed Prophet that right in the middle of her concert she lays down and faces Mecca, sticks up her panties covered ass, and begins praying to Allah for the destruction of Israel.

Of course Katy Perry has much to learn about proper prayer technique (Allah prefers us to stick our butts up further by arching our backs more), but she should have plenty of time to practice when she starts her new life as a righteous Muslim woman serving as nurse maid and oral only concubine. Truly Katy’s road to redemption is remarkable, and a lesson for all infidel women… especially the busty ones.