Kate Upton Prostitutes Herself On Twitter

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Because Western women are extremely misguided they do not draw their self-worth from being a dutiful servant to their husbands, and birthing masculine children. Instead they foolishly think they can “make something” of themselves. However, since all women have small uncreative brains, and are sinful whores by nature the path they take to “make it” usually involves prostituting themselves for attention.

Kate Upton is a perfect example of this. For those who do not know Kate Upton made a name for herself when she appeared nearly naked in the heathen porno magazine called Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She is now trying to maintain her new found notoriety by posting disgusting slutty pictures like the one above on her Twitter account.

Kate Upton must be basing her self-worth on how many horny guys she can get masturbating to her on Twitter. Kate needs to learn that a woman will never be complete until she takes her proper place at the heel of a strong Muslim man. I would like to extend an offer to the elder males of Kate Upton’s clan to be the Muslim man who will control her and show her how to be an obedient and self-fulfilled woman. I await their response. Allahu Akbar!