Karen Gillan Nude Cell Phone Photo Leaked

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“Doctor Who” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Karen Gillan shows off her pasty nude ginger body in the leaked cell phone photo above.

Of course the most surprising thing about this nude selfie is that Karen Gillan was able to take a picture in a mirror, as us Muslims thought that (much like vampires) soulless redheads did not have a reflection. Though that stereotype appears to not hold true, Karen Gillan confirms a more important one with this nude pic, which is of course that women with red hair are lecherous whores.

Yes Karen has once again proven that immodest scarlet hair is the mark of the Devil, and a sign of overactive and overstimulated lady bits. Thank Allah that in the civilized Islamic world we have the wisdom to bash redheaded babies over the head with a rock and then drown their mothers. For it is the only way to keep our bloodlines pure and ginger free, thus preventing the horrifically disturbing sight of pale freckled naked female flesh like in the nude Karen Gillan selfie above.