Justin Bieber Suspected Of Running Over Neighbor’s Dog

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In the early hours of the morning witnesses reported seeing a white Ferrari being driven by a “small girl” strike and kill a dog in a Calabasas neighborhood. Investigators now believe that the small girl behind the wheel was none other than pop star Justin Bieber.

According to the report filed with police, Justin Bieber was blasting rap music while driving his Ferrari at speeds exceeding 70 MPH in the residential neighborhood when a small dog ventured out into the road. A witness claims to have seen the Ferrari actually swerve towards the animal striking it and killing it instantly.

The dog (pictured below) was named “Snuggles” and belonged to one Justin Bieber’s neighbors. The neighbors are understandably upset about Snuggles passing, especially 4 year-old Suzy Lu who broke down in tears upon hearing the news that “the bad man” had sent Snuggles to “doggie heaven”.

RIP Snuggles 2012-2013
RIP Snuggles 2012-2013