Justin Bieber Has Michael Jackson Disease

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Celeb Jihad has just confirmed that pop diva Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with Michael Jackson disease.

As far as scientists can tell Michael Jackson disease is a mutated strain of the herpes virus, and is unique in that it is the only known virus to cause the carrier to change both race and sex. The scientific photographs above show the horrific effects of the disease, and what Justin Bieber will end up looking like.

Michael Jackson once a black man was transformed into a white woman within a matter of years by the virus. He also developed an insatiable appetite for slobbing on hairless boy balls. Luckily Justin Bieber already loves hairless boy balls, so we can expect her to lose that trait. However, Justin will soon no longer by the fresh faced white girl we know and love. Instead she will be transformed into a big black man, possibly Michael Clark Duncan.

Allah certainly works in mysterious ways.