Jessica Alba’s Hottest Scenes From “Mechanic: Resurrection”

The video above features Jessica Alba’s hottest scenes from her new movie “Mechanic: Resurrection”.

Not surprisingly the scenes in which Jessica has limited to no dialogue are the best, as she could not act her way out of a wet paper bag. However, with that said watching Jason Statham get rough with her was certainly the most erotic moment in this whole movie, and Jessica’s rock hard nipples after being tossed around do a good job of conveying that (like all women) she enjoyed being put in her place by a domineering man.

If this movie was two straight hours of Jessica Alba getting the shit kicked out of her it might not have bombed in theaters, for there is nothing better then seeing a sass-mouthed woman getting slap around. Of course to do it properly would require a Muslim actor to star opposite Jessica, but he probably wouldn’t be able to restrain himself and would continue beating Jessica well after the director yelled “cut”… Though that would make for a hilarious blooper reel.