Jennifer Love Hewitt Stages Comeback With A Photo Of Her Naked Ass

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Jennifer Love Hewitt appears to be staging a comeback as she flaunts her world famous ass while sitting backwards on a chair in the naked photo above.

There is no denying that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ass was something spectacular (and halal) back in the 1990’s, as no doubt many a powerful Muslim man enjoyed flying Jennifer out to the Middle East and vigorously pounding her tight anus hole in their magnificent desert palaces. Sadly for Jennifer Love Hewitt the most prolific virile Muslim sugar daddies of the 1990’s Saddam and Gaddafi are no longer with us, so she is no longer showered with the finer things that she grew accustomed to like woven camel hair blankets and gold-plated bidets.

However, luckily for Jennifer there is no shortage of us fabulously wealthy and generous Muslims, as the House of Saud alone is currently plowing more than half of the hot young starlets in heathen Hollywood. Even though Jennifer is well past her prime, after viewing this nude ass photo perhaps a Muslim will see some use for her serving as a fluffer in his camel breeding stables. Certainly that is the best that Jennifer can hope for at this point in her life.