Jennifer Lopez Slips Her Big Brown Nipple

jennifer-lopez, celeb-jihad

Pop star Jennifer Lopez is trying to make a comeback, and in the infidel West that can only mean one thing… she is going to start shamelessly prostituting her sex organs.

Jennifer is off to a fast start by already slipping half of one her big brown Mexican nipples in the photo above.

Of course if Jennifer Lopez is going to get people to endure her horrible music again she is going to have to show more than a nip. Yes I’m afraid Jennifer is going to have spread her legs and show that mashed up taco meat she calls a vagina if she wants to have any shot at making back to the top.

I shutter to think at how far Jennifer Lopez would have to go if she wanted to revive her even worse acting career. Lets just say she’d probably have to gap her ass so wide that we’d be staring at her lower intestine.