Jennifer Lawrence Loses Her Bikini In The Ocean

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Jennifer Lawrence got her bikini knocked off while playing in the ocean! As you can see in the photo above, Jennifer was rinsing out her overused lady holes when a wave came and washed away her bikini leaving her completely naked.

Of course this never would have happened if Jennifer Lawrence was wearing a swimming burka like a chaste Muslimina. In fact, the latest models even come with straps that you can tie down to ensure modesty, and guarantee not an inch of sinful flesh will be exposed no matter how choppy the waters.

However, the ocean has done us a great favor by revealing Jennifer Lawrence’s naked body in this photo, and thus exposing her for the degenerate slut that she is. Now there can be no doubt that lapidation is the only punishment that could possibly balance the scales of justice for Jennifer’s heinous crimes against morality.