Jennifer Garner Punched Ben Affleck Over Blake Lively Pics

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When the Blake Lively nude pictures were leaked to the Internet here and here we theorized that they were probably taken for Ben Affleck because he was allegedly having an affair with Blake Lively during the filming of their movie “The Town”.

Well it turns out that Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner thinks Blake’s pics were meant for Ben as well, because yesterday Ben Affleck was photographed walking around Hollywood with a black eye.

Why Ben Affleck would allow a woman to give him a black eye for doing something as natural as banging a hot whore like Blake Lively is beyond me. No Muslim man would ever behave in such a manner!

If Jennifer Garner punched me in the eye her hand would shatter from the force of hitting my powerful masculine eye socket, and that would be the last thing she ever did. Allahu Akbar!