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Jennifer Aniston Looking Fat In A Bikini

Nasty old skank Jennifer Aniston shows off her fat dilapidated body in a bikini in the candid photos below.

These pics of Jennifer’s bloated gut hanging out of her bikini have sent the Zionist controlled infidel media into a frenzy, as they speculate that the 47-year-old Aniston may finally be pregnant. Of course the idea that such an elderly woman could get pregnant is absurd, as Jennifer’s barren womb no doubt turned into dust and slipped out of her gaping lady hole long ago.

Yes the only thing Jennifer Aniston’s polluted innards are pregnant with in these photos is a chimichanga. The heathen media needs to stop perpetuating the ridiculous fantasy that women can “have it all” by spending their prime breeding years on birth control getting railed by strange dick every weekend, and then “settle down” later in life and still fulfill their one true purpose by having children.