Ivanka Trump Topless Photo Leaked

nude-celebs, ivanka-trump, celeb-jihad

This extremely rare Ivanka Trump topless photo above has just been leaked online.

Reportedly this picture was taken many years ago by a photographer who goes by the name of “Donald T”, and he was able capture Ivanka topless while she was out sunning herself by his the Trump family pool.

Of course this wasn’t the only intimate photo of a young Ivanka that this mystery photographer was able to capture, for as you can see in the pic below he also got an up-close and personal shot of Ivanka soaking wet in a bright red bikini while taking a shower (possibly golden) outside.

nude-celebs, ivanka-trump, celeb-jihad

Not surprisingly US intelligence sources believe that Russian hackers are the ones behind the leaking of these Ivanka Trump tit pics, and that Putin is once again trying to influence US politics by reminding the depraved American public what a sweet rack President Trump’s beloved oldest daughter has.