Hugh Laurie Has A Secret Crush On Olivia Wilde

olivia-wilde, celeb-jihad Hugh Laurie’s heart breaks as he watches his secret crush Olivia Wilde flirt with Justin Timberlake

Hugh Laurie the actor who plays “House” on the Fox TV show “House” has a super secret crush on his cast mate Olivia Wilde.

When the cast has downtime they like to play the game FMK (Fuck Marry Kill) were each actor chooses someone they work with they would fuck, then someone they would marry, and finally someone they want to kill. Every time they play the game Hugh Laurie responds “Olivia Wilde to all three, but not necessarily in that order!”

This caused fellow cast member Omar Epps to call out Hugh for having a thing for Olivia. Hugh Laurie blushed profusely, and mumbled a half-hearted objection. All the other actors noticed and started singing the “Hugh and Olivia sitting in a tree” song. Which caused Hugh to run away to his dressing room in tears.

Later at recess Hugh walked up to Olivia and called her a poop face, so everyone could hear, then he proceeded to punch her in the arm before running off.