How Much For Heather Locklear’s Teen Daughter?

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I was perusing the Interwebs late last night looking for nubile teens to purchase for my harem when I stumbled upon this picture of actress of Heather Locklear with her 14-year-old daughter Ava.

Does anyone know what Heather Locklear is charging for her daughter? I don’t see a price tag anywhere on her tight teen body. If Heather is reading this, I’m prepared to offer 2 of my finest goats, a bushel of figs, and a lightly used AK-47 for the rights to Ava.

Of course this offer is only good provided Ava has been properly trained to only speak when spoken too. The last thing I need is a mouthy female making ridiculous demands like “can I have more water in my dish” and “please don’t put it in my ass”. Heather, I await your response. Allahu Akbar!