Hilary Duff Caught Having Sex

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Former Disney star Hilary Duff was caught having sex in the picture above and GIF below.

Clearly Hilary Duff is enjoying bouncing up and down on the tiny penis of this infidel, which of course makes this GIF all the more offensive and displeasing to look at.

nude-celebs, hilary-duff, celeb-jihad

If this was a Muslim man Hilary Duff was riding you better believe she would not be enjoying herself and grinning like a fool, but rather Hilary would be grimacing in immense pain as his enormous tunic scud pulverized her lower intestine.

Yes sexual intercourse should never be pleasurable for the woman, as female eroticism is a sin in the eyes of Allah. Thankfully all us Muslim men were blessed with uncomfortably large manhoods, which makes love making an extremely unpleasant experience for the woman. Hopefully one day soon Hilary Duff will learn first hand the proper way to sex, as she is split in two by the powerful thrusts of a mighty Islamic meat stick.