Hayden Panettiere Dresses Up As Selena Gomez

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Newly converted Muslim Hayden Panettiere is already obediently following the will of Allah by mocking former Disney star Selena Gomez for her slutty ways.

Hayden put on a black wig, fishnet stockings, and let her ass hang out to complete the nearly perfect Selena Gomez costume. I say nearly perfect because without a good amount of donkey semen staining her clothing, Hayden’s costume isn’t a perfect representation of Selena Gomez. Of course in this economy donkey semen isn’t cheap to come by, so Hayden can be forgiven for missing that one minor detail.

It really is amazing to see a once seemingly lost heathen whore like Hayden Panettiere embrace Islam and completely turn her life around like this. Allah truly is great!