Fans Throw Tampon Strings At Greyson Chance


Greyson Chance, the heir apparent to Justin Bieber, received a warm welcome from fans who threw their tampon strings at the sexually ambiguous singer.

The tampon strings symbolize the fans’ hope that Greyson Chance’s flower will soon bloom, as he begins to make his transition into womanhood. Once he does, it is expected that Greyson (much like Justin Bieber before him) will become a tremendous whore, the last ingredient he needs to cement his place as a star.

Clearly the infidels’ love for transsexual teen artists knows no bounds, and Greyson Chance can be expected to soon be one of the biggest stars in the the heathen Western world. When we see Greyson Chance running around with a boy (probably Will Smith’s son Willow) then we will know that he has started to bleed and is now ready to make it big in the entertainment industry.