Exclusive: Gossip Mags Bid for Nude Palin Pics

Palin’s promiscuous and pornographic past poses peril for presidential polls.

sarah-palin, celeb-jihadJUNEAU, AK — Former oil worker Richard St. Joseph released the top portion of what he claims is a nude photograph of presumptive GOP vice presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin.

St. Joseph, a retired custodial engineer for Exxon Mobile, dated the governor for a brief time in the early 80’s.

“I took the picture after we downed a bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Wine during a Christopher Cross concert,” St. Joseph said.

People Magazine and In Touch Weekly have both made undisclosed offers for the bottom portion of the photograph, although St. Joseph has confirmed that the current high bidder is Alaskan Hockey MILF Magazine.

When asked to describe the contents of the photograph, a laughing St. Joseph responded, “It’s true about what they say about Alaskan women’s shaving habits, or I guess I should say lack there of.”

While Palin, who is preparing to speak at next week’s Republican National Convention, refused to comment on alleged photo, the Obama campaign was quick to react.

“This is shocking,” said Obama spokesperson Adrian Marsh.  “It’s clearly an attempt steal the strong lesbian following that backed Gov. Hillary Clinton.”