Emma Watson’s Nipples In A See Thru White Tank Top

emma-watson, celeb-jihad

Emma Watson shows her enormous nipples while in a see through white tank top and no bra in the GIF above.

Of course it should come as no surprise that Emma Watson’s nipples are immodestly large, as excessive areolas are one of the many signs of devil worship. We know that Emma spent her childhood promoting witchcraft in the blasphemous Harry Potter films, and now thanks to Emma’s nipples we have proof that she is in fact a bride of Satan.

Since this irrefutable evidence has come to light, I placed a call into the Los Angeles police department for the “moral crimes and devil worship division” to have Emma Watson arrested. I advised them that Emma Watson must be handled with care, as she may be armed with eye of newt and other tools of the dark arts. I am still waiting to hear back.