Emma Watson Topless In Black Fishnet Stockings

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Emma Watson sits in a chair completely topless while in black fishnet stockings, 6-inch heels, and panties in the scandalously seductive photo above.

Clearly Emma Watson is greatly aroused in this photo as her nipples could cut glass, her legs are spread open, and her hands are making their way up her soft smooth inner thighs to caress her throbbing lady bits through her rapidly moistening panties.

Any number of things could have sent Emma Watson off into this sinfully lecherous state, as like most Western women her clit has foolishly and dangerously not been desensitized through circumcision. As us righteous Muslims know when a woman’s sin button is not ground down into a nub of thick scar tissue, it is open to a lustful djinn infestation which causes all sorts of problems for the woman, the most serious of which is acute licentiousness. Emma Watson appears to be so inflicted, and is in desperate need of an emergency clitorectomy.