Emma Watson Spread Naked In Fishnets

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Emma Watson shows off her saucy side by spreading her legs wide open while naked in fishnet stockings in the photo above.

Clearly Emma is trying to jump start her career by debuting a new more mature look, and by showing off her swollen pink slit in this pic. Unfortunately for Emma now that the Harry Potter franchise has ended no one is interested in her no matter how many times she exposes her gaping cock cave on camera.

If Emma Watson really wants to regain the spotlight in the Western world then she is going to have to do more than just take a few slutty nude photos. In fact, nothing less than a gang bang sex tape featuring Emma and six or seven dirt skin rappers will suffice to get the depraved kuffar masses interested in her again. Of course that proposition is literally a double-edged sword (or more accurately a double-edged scimitar), as that level of immoral perversion would also draw the righteous wrath of us vengeful Muslims.