Emma Watson Shows Off Her Panties Before Bed

Actress Emma Watson appears to show off her snug panties while laying in bed in the video above from her private Snapchat.

It is unclear what Patreon level one has to be to get these sorts of slutty personal videos, but considering Emma Watson’s failed acting career since the Harry Potter franchise ended one would suspect that it couldn’t cost more than $20 or $30.

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Of course the real money for Emma is going to come when she starts selling the used panties in these videos to Japanese business men and various other depraved perverts. For a pair of Hermione Granger’s soiled underpants would certainly be a valuable collector’s item for the Satanic Harry Potter fans, and fetch top dollar when put up on the auction block… Unlike Emma Watson herself who wouldn’t even bring in a half dozen dinars at the Riyadh slave market due to her blasphemous feminist ideology.