Emma Watson Sets A Bad Example

emma-watson, celeb-jihad

I can not believe Emma Watson did this! Doesn’t she know she is a role model for millions of young girls? I mean drinking a Corona at night is just crazy!

Everyone knows that white people should only drink Coronas during the day, preferably while outside. It makes them feel like day laborers. If you are a white girl drinking a Corona at night you might as well open up a burrito stand in your panties because you are basically saying “I want to have sex with a Mexican”, and that isn’t just stupid but it can also be dangerous.

Once you let one Mexican in your vag they are damn near impossible to get out. Not only that but they’ll bring their friends, family, pets ect. Next thing you know your whole vaginal infrastructure is under severe strain trying to support all the free loading Mexicans you got up in there.

emma-watson, celeb-jihad

Oh God no Emma, don’t ever pretend to be drunk after drinking one Corona. Nothing brings more joy to a Mexican then to take advantage of things. If you did this in a Home Depot parking lot you’d be liable to start a riot!

Emma Watson needs to realize that she is a role model, and by behaving like this she’ll overrun our country with Mexicans looking to have sex with ridiculously drunk chicks that American guys could be doing. Sure the Mexican apologists will tell you that they only do the ones no one else wants to do, but they fail to realize that after 16 shots I’ll do pretty much anything.