Emma Watson, Katy Perry, And Sophie Turner Make A Feminist Sex Video

Self-described feminists Emma Watson, Katy Perry, and Sophie Turner team up to engage in hardcore sex in the feminist music video above.

After pushing around the pathetically emasculated infidel men for decades, the feminist movement in the Western world achieved complete equality of rights back in the late 1960’s. Of course being women they were not happy with equality, and wanted to keep complaining until they had every privilege in society. With the effeminate kuffar men powerless to stop them, modern feminists like Emma, Katy, and Sophie degraded the West to the point were they now can claim that being tremendous whores getting plowed by strange dick on the regular is empowering.

Thankfully the logical conclusion of the feminist movement will be the calling for Sharia law. For once women have every conceivable freedom and are openly indulging in every imaginable vice they will realize how empty and unfulfilled their lives are, and they will demand the one and only true woman’s right… Which is of course the right to be oppressed by a powerful and virile Muslim man.