Emma Watson Flashes Her Boobs And Gets Fondled By Her Fans

nude-celebs, emma-watson, celeb-jihad

Emma Watson flashes her boobs while out partying in a club on the Spanish island of Ibiza in the photo above.

Clearly Emma is rolling on molly in this photo, as she has no inhibitions about exposing her bare breasts in public. Reportedly Emma’s friends are worried that her partying is getting out of control, and that not only has Emma become hopelessly addicted to ecstasy but to sinful lesboqueer sex as well.

nude-celebs, emma-watson, celeb-jihad

That certainly appeared to be the case last night when Emma attended a screening of an ethical fashion documentary in London with her pupils dilated, and she allowed her female fans outside the event to fondle her breasts and kiss her neck right there on the red carpet.

Clearly Emma Watson is now such a hopelessly depraved drug addict lesbodyke that there is no possible way of reforming her using conventional Western rehabilitation methods, and she should be immediately turned over to us Muslims for a tried-and-true lapidation. For only the cleansing power of a stoning can wash away Emma’s sins and purge her of these demons… permanently.