Emma Watson Caught On Camera Riding The D

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Emma Watson spreads her butt cheeks apart for a clear view of her holes while riding a dick in the disturbing photo above.

Emma certainly looks smug as she bounces up and down on this infidel’s tiny male member. Rest assured that if this was a Muslim man Emma was attempting to ride she’d have that sly smile wiped off of her face real quick when her innards got torn open by the immense size of his meat scud.

Of course Emma Watson would never be permitted to mount us Muslims, as the Qur’an is very clear that the only halal sex position is a woman laying prostrate with eyes downcast while they fill with tears of shame. Not to mention that few woman have the will power to get a Muslim’s gigantic tunic snake up inside of them without losing consciousness. That is why it is best if our cervix smashers are just violently pounded into them, so that they do not have much choice in the matter.