Emma Stone Shows Her Breasts On Video

Emma Stone shows off her nipples in a see through shirt with no bra while giving an interview with her effeminate English boyfriend Andrew Garfield in the video above.

Obviously Emma Stone was hoping she was going to be interviewed by a masculine Muslim man, and that when he saw her tit toppers he would take her and pound out her orifices with his mighty meat scimitar right in front of cuckold Andrew.

Of course Andrew is just your typical pathetically weak and emasculated infidel man who lets his woman walk all over him and whore her body for all to see. If a Muslim man’s woman would have said he was not “not funny” he would have knocked her teeth out and stomped her to the ground until she admitted he was the next George Carlin… or better yet the famous Muslim comedian Baasir The Butcher of Basra. The things that guy can do with a knife, an infidel’s head, and some ventriloquism will have you rolling with laughter.