Emma Roberts In Her Bra And Panties On “Scream Queens”

Emma Roberts strips down to her bra and panties on FOX’s hit TV show “Scream Queens” in the video above.

Clearly in this scene Emma’s character was fooled by actor John Stamos’ olive complexion into thinking he was one of us virile Muslim men, and so overcome with lustful desire at the prospect of perhaps getting her sin holes pounded by enormous Islamic man meat she takes off her clothes and offers up her pleasingly androgynous body.

Unfortunately for Emma Roberts, John Stamos is not Muslim but rather just your typical Greek infidel homoqueer. To save herself the embarrassment of needlessly stripping to her underwear, Emma needs to learn how to better identify a Muslim man. First off we never shower… but we do take baths usually with at least a half dozen gorgeous women washing our feet and hand-feeding us figs. Secondly we have gloriously long and ruggedly masculine beards. Lastly and most importantly all Muslim men are blessed with gigantic manhoods that look like third legs… only thicker and veinier.