Emma Roberts Bra And Panties Scene From The Movie “Nerve”

Emma Roberts shows off her scrawny pleasingly androgynous body in her bra and panties in a scene from her new movie “Nerve” in the video above.

As you can see from this video, Emma Roberts is recorded on hidden camera in a dressing room in her underwear while changing clothes. Thankfully Emma has no real discernible sinful female sex organs to speak off, and could easily be mistaken for a smooth prepubescent bacha bazi (dancing boy).

Of course with that being said this Emma Roberts scene is not halal, as no matter how asexual a woman’s body is she should be in a burka at all times. Not to mention that when secretly recording women us Muslims prefer to do so in restrooms instead of dressing rooms, for their is something undeniably erotic about watching a woman drop trou, squat down on a toilet, and vigorously strain to push out a dump… Perhaps because their facial expressions remind us of the exertion put forth while pulling the plow out in the fields.