Elle Fanning Nip Slip In “Galveston”

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Elle Fanning slips out a bit of her nipple in the video clip below from her new film “Galveston”.

It is too bad that Elle ruined what could have been an immensely erotic scene of her sobbing by flashing her sinful tit topper like this. Luckily this movie redeems itself with an extremely halal ending in which Elle gets her just deserts… Not to give too much away lets just say it rhymes with “hang taped to breath”.

Of course it should come as no surprise to see Elle slipping a nipple into “Galveston”, for as you can see in the video above she is constantly putting them (or her tight little ass) on display. Thankfully when Islam finishes conquering the West, us virile Muslims will have no problem reenacting Elle’s fitting demise in this movie.