Elizabeth Olsen Photographed Laying Naked

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“The Avengers” star Elizabeth Olsen shows off her naked sex organs while being photographed laying on the floor in the scandalous picture above.

This Elizabeth Olsen photo is doubly offensive to us pious Muslims, for not only is Elizabeth naked but she is being extremely lazy and neglecting her chores. For the only valid reason for a woman to be reclining on the floor in the middle of the day is if she has been knocked unconscious by her owner for working too slowly.

The fact that Elizabeth Olsen would flaunt both her slothful nature and nude sin slit at the same time speaks volumes about what an utterly hopeless case she is. Of course there is no doubt that a powerful Muslim man could whip Elizabeth into shape, but the amount of flogging that would be required hardly makes it worth the effort… Although if Elizabeth’s sisters Mary Kate and Ashley were thrown into the mix it might be a fun challenge to break the complete set of degenerate Olsens in at once.